Mechanical Paver Experts

Aqua-Paving Construction

Aqua-Paving Construction has refined paver construction operations for the past thirty-five years and offers state of the art methods to give your projects a competitive edge. Aqua-Paving Construction is owned by Mr. William C. Schneider who is the first concrete paver installer in the United States. Bill is one of the founding members of the School for Advanced Segmental Paving and serves as an instructor for the Permeable Paving class as well as the Foundation Skills for Paver Construction class. He is also a founding member of ICPI and has served on various committees over the years. Bill is also the owner of Advanced Pavement Technology and the founder of the BASS® system which he created to enable proper installation of permeable pavers, he is doing this in conjunction with Aqua-Bric™and Aqua- Bricloc™ permeable paver shapes that he holds the patents and trademarks on.

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